Gunthar's lieutentant, and second in command.


Gunthar’s lieutenant. He was in charge of setting up the encampment before Gunthar arrived. He is unhappy with G’s plan of starving the Orcs out of their siege, and suggested to the party that they steal an Orc banner, provoking the Orcs to attack unwisely. The party did, and the Orcs did, and the Orcs suffered a serious (but not crippling) defeat against the human encampments’ temporary fortifications.
Later, Gunthar tricked the party to venturing into the besieged Crossroads to get them away from the King’s Men. When the party led an attack on the Orcs from inside Crossroads, he lead the King’s Men against the Orcs from the East. After the Orcs were driven off, he made a comment about Gunthar being ‘under arrest’, but has yet to explain himself.



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