Good Will

A tiefling and an entertainer.


Grew up performing with his father who, while a good storyteller, was never quite talented enough to be considered a bard. He also grew up with the prejudice many held against his race. It was always confusing to him because he didn’t think of himself as evil, and his father certainly wasn’t evil. Sure, there were tiefling out there who were undoubtedly evil, but that was true of all races. The confusion was compounded by the fact that even the people who had an intense hatred for tiefling would often times give him the loudest applause and buy him drinks. He began to see his bardic talents as a way to perhaps break through the prejudice and change people’s hearts.

Unfortunately, the horns and tail of the tiefling infernal ancestry are difficult to see past.

Anybody who displays a prejudice for tiefling can expect an argument from Good Will. It’ll start with reasonable discussion and questions but, of course, often escalates to physicality. Any tiefling who lives up to the tiefling stereotype can also expect a dressing down which, of course, VERY often results in a fight.

As an extension of him wanting to break down tiefling stereotypes, he is a cooperative battle mate, assisting the great to be even greater and making for an even better story to tell. Plus, great heroes often influence public opinion, so if a tiefling can win the friendship of the great…

Growing up and living his entire life on the road, Good Will does not have a sense of home, nor does he long for a home. He doesn’t miss what he never had. He does, however, have a yearning for a sense of belonging. Has he found it with this eclectic band of adventurers? We’ll see.

Good Will

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