The Transformation of Volstoy

Thorn says:

an inner monologue

Some great hero he is. Did he spend half of last night dodging orc blades to strike a first blow against a fearsome and overpowering enemy? No! He rode a horse and had a nice nap in a tent. His strategy to bore the orcs back to their own lands is all well and good for a lord wanting to protect his border, but no good at all for a man or woman looking to save a town.

What we need here is something aggressive and decisive. The lieutenant’s plan is great. He says his men can win if we make the orcs mad enough. Talk about playing into our strengths! Naeris and I will stab them a bit, Bharash with give them that creepy dragon glare, Nikki will burns their britches, and Good Will will sing a song about their ugly orc mommies.

Piece of cake.


Ok, so they’re good and mad, but somehow we’re stuck between them and the king’s army. This is not quite what I had in mind.


JacobHeidenreich AndrewFH

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