Thorn's Note

I’m not sure I’ll keep with it, but I’m going to have a go at keeping notes on here so they’re more easily accessible (and legible).


We stumble back into camp, after surviving three waves of orc attacks. It’s a great victory. We’ve weakened the orc force significantly!
The soldiers ask Bharash to lead them in a Bhahamutian service, since it is Bahamut’s holy day.

Gunthar wants to speak to us. He has a mission for us to sneak into town, make contact with the people, and lead a charge out of the city, into Maurog’s camp.

The army is going to charge at sun up one day after we go in. We are to charge out when they charge in.

Cabo tells us that Gunthar is trying to get rid of us, but he’s also playing right into our hands! We have a rest and Cabo finds us some healing potions.
A pair of sappers lead us to the hidden passageways they’ve found and leave us at the point where they found an existing drainage tunnel. They haven’t explored it, but it appears to lead toward the town.
Nikki hates all of this so much.
We happen upon some ruined walls down here that look really foreign and old. Not a style we’re familiar with. What could it be? And eventually we find that we’re in an underground street? It looks like it was originally above ground.
Leroy finds relatively recent Drow iconography on one of the doorways. It’s a mark that means “this way.” We head into the building. It appears to be some sort of inn. It looks like drow have been meeting here. Naeris finds a poisoned drow blade with a Drow family crest on it. It’s a Dagger of Venom!
Then we step out of the inn, straight into a giant crocodile.
Ending the session, I have used 1 maneuver die and my second wind.


Thorn's Note

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